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This Constitution may only be amended if proposed amendments are approved by a vote of the Tribal membership. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by submitting either of the following documents to the Tribal Election Committee along with the proposed amendments:

1. A resolution in which a quorum of the Tribal Council Members have voted in favor of the proposed Constitutional Amendment; or

2. A petition signed by at least one third (1/3) of the Tribe’s eligible voters.

Upon receipt of either of these two documents, the Election Committee shall call and conduct a special election pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Election Ordinance. The specific language proposed as an amendment to the Constitution, along with language changes of any other parts of the Constitution that will be affected by the proposed modification and a brief explanation of the reason for the proposed changes, shall appear on the ballot materials sent to all eligible voters.

The amendment(s) shall take effect if adopted by the majority of those voting in the election held for that purpose, provided that at least fifty percent (50%) of the registered voters voted in the election.