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(A) Elected officials are bound by this Code of Conduct and shall address behavior inconsistent with this Code in an effective and efficient manner as set forth in this Code.

(B) Elected officials will adhere to the Code of Conduct’s principles by:

(1) Becoming familiar with this Code of Conduct and the policies and procedures applicable to elected officials;

(2) Providing open communication channels to allow Tribal members and employees to pursue compliance or ethical questions without fear of retaliation;

(3) Immediately reporting any suspected violations of this Code of Conduct or of any applicable law or regulation, as set forth herein for investigation;

(4) Not taking any disciplinary action or otherwise retaliating in any form against any Tribal member or employee who, in good faith, reports a concern, issue, problem, or violation of the law, regulations or the Code of Conduct. “Good faith” means that there is an objective basis for the allegation and does not require definitive proof;

(5) Taking alleged violations and suspected violations seriously, as they could delay, compromise, or otherwise impair the services the Tribe provides. [Res. 10-R-074 § 207, 7/1/2010.]