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(A) If the Tribal Council finds sufficient cause to proceed, they shall conduct or cause an investigation to be conducted to determine violations or noncompliance with the Constitution or this Code. In any Tribal Council determination regarding the matter under review, that Tribal Council member must abstain from voting on the matter.

(B) If the investigation brings forth violations that are subject to administrative remedies, the record of the investigation shall so state. Administrative remedies shall mean those internal controls of program management.

(C) If the investigation indicates violations that cannot be addressed with administrative remedies referenced above, the Tribal Council shall move forward with a fair hearing as outlined herein.

(D) The Tribal Council may dismiss, by a majority vote, any complaint which it determines has insufficient facts to constitute a violation of noncompliance to this Code, or if there is insufficient evidence to support the allegations. [Res. 10-R-074 § 703, 7/1/2010.]