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Article VIII. Sanctions and Penalties
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(A) Upon a finding that there has been a violation of any provisions of this Code, the Tribal Council will impose any or all of the following penalties or sanctions:

(1) Issuance of a private reprimand to such person, with or without suspension of any or all other sanctions provided herein.

(2) Issuance of a written public reprimand, which shall be entered into such person’s permanent record of office and upon the permanent record of the Karuk Tribe, according to provisions of applicable Karuk Tribal laws and procedures.

(3) Accordingly, any elected official shall be subject to discipline, including suspension without pay or other benefits and dismissal as provided by other laws, regulations and personnel policies, or procedures applicable.

(4) Suspension from office and forfeiture of all compensation and benefits accruing therefrom, for not less than thirty (30) calendar days nor for more than one (1) year.

(5) Removal, discharge or termination from office in accordance with applicable Tribal law and procedure.

(B) No sanctions or penalties provided herein shall limit any other powers of the Tribal Council, nor of any other entity or administrative officials or employees under other applicable law, rules, regulations or procedures.

(C) Suspension. A person accused of a crime which would preclude him or her from serving as an elected official, if found guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction, may be suspended from his or her position with or without pay until such time guilt or innocence has been established.

If the allegations are not substantiated, the elected official may be restored to his or her full official duties and responsibilities.

In those cases where allegations have resulted in prosecution and conviction, and after exhaustion of all appeals, the elected official shall, upon conviction, immediately be removed from their position. Elected officials of the Karuk Tribe, who have been convicted under the provisions of this section, may be subjected to the provisions of vacancies, removal and recall as set forth in the Tribal Constitution (Article IX), if they do not voluntarily relinquish their positions. [Res. 10-R-074 § 801, 7/1/2010.]