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(A) The Tribal Court has continuing jurisdiction to prospectively modify a judgment and order for future support upon a showing of a substantial change of circumstances.

(B) A judgment or order entered under this article may be modified without a showing of substantial change of circumstances that are substantial and continuing if:

(1) The order works a severe economic hardship on either party or the child;

(2) A party requests an adjustment in an order that was based on guidelines that determined the amount of support according to the child’s age, and the child is no longer in the age category on which the current support amount is based;

(3) A child is still in high school, upon a finding that there is a need to extend support beyond the eighteenth birthday to complete high school; or

(4) There has been a change in the Court-adopted Child Support Schedule (KTC 10.05.570). [Res. 09-R-062 Title 2 § (6)(M), 4/30/2009.]