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A child support obligation shall be set at the basic support amount listed in the Karuk Child Support Schedule (KTC 10.05.570) and be based on the combined net income of both parents. Monthly net income shall be determined by subtracting the appropriate deductions, in accordance with KTC 10.05.510, from monthly gross income.

(A) Monthly gross income shall be calculated by adding income received from all sources including: salaries; wages; commissions; revenue from sales of goods and products; deferred compensation; overtime; contract-related benefits; income from second jobs; dividends; Tribal per capita benefits; interest; trust income; severance pay; annuities; capital gains; pension/retirement benefits; workers’ compensation; unemployment benefits; spousal maintenance actually received; bonuses; social security benefits (SSA); disability insurance benefits; and gifts and prizes greater than or equal to two hundred fifty dollars ($250) in value.

(B) The following sources of income and resources shall be disclosed but not included in gross income: income of a new spouse or income of other adults in the household; child support received from other relationships; gifts and prizes less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250) in value; temporary assistance to needy families (TANF); supplemental security income (SSI); general assistance; and food stamps.

(C) Monthly net income shall be calculated by deducting the following expenses from monthly gross income: federal, state and Tribal income taxes; Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) deductions; mandatory pension plan payments; mandatory union or professional dues; state industrial insurance premiums; Court-ordered spousal maintenance to the extent actually paid; up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) per year in voluntary pension payments actually made; and normal business expenses and self-employment taxes for self-employed persons. Justification shall be required for any business expense deduction about which there is disagreement.

(D) When combined monthly net income exceeds five thousand dollars ($5,000), support shall not be set at an amount lower than the presumptive amount of support set for combined monthly net incomes of five thousand dollars ($5,000) unless good cause is found to deviate below that amount, but the Tribal Court may exceed the presumptive amount of support set for combined monthly net income of five thousand dollars ($5,000) upon written findings of fact establishing such increase as both necessary and in the best interests of the child(ren). [Res. 09-R-062 Title 2 § (7)(C), 4/30/2009.]