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(A) The Tribal Court may upon its own motion or upon motion of either party, order support payments be made to:

(1) The person entitled to receive the payments;

(2) The Clerk of the Tribal Court for remittance to the person entitled to receive the payments;

(3) Any local child support enforcement agency, pursuant to a reciprocal child support enforcement agreement between the Karuk Tribe and the local state/county government; or

(4) The Karuk Tribal Child Support Enforcement Agency, if established.

(B) If payments are made to the Clerk of the Tribal Court:

(1) The Clerk shall maintain records listing the amount of payments, the date payments are required to be made, and the names and addresses of the parties affected by the order; and

(2) The parties affected by the order shall inform the Clerk of the Tribal Court of any change of address.

(C) If the person obligated to pay support has left or is beyond the jurisdiction of the Tribal Court, any party may institute any other proceeding available under the laws of the Karuk Tribe for enforcement of the duties of support and maintenance. [Res. 09-R-062 Title 2 § (7)(H), 4/30/2009.]