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(A) In the event a person obligated to pay child support is in arrears for at least one (1) month, the Tribal Court may order the person obligated to pay child support to make an assignment of part of his or her periodic earnings or trust income to the person entitled to receive the payments. The assignment is binding on the employer, trustee, or other payor of the funds two (2) weeks after service upon such person of notice that the assignment has been made. The payor shall withhold the earnings or trust income payable to the person obligated to support the amount specified in the assignment and shall transmit the payments to the Clerk of the Tribal Court. The payor may deduct from each payment a sum not exceeding one dollar ($1) as reimbursements for costs. An employer shall not discharge or otherwise discipline an employee as a result of a wage or salary assignment authorized by this article.

(B) Persons who are owed child support that is in arrears and is based on an order, judgment or decree from a court other than the Karuk Tribal Court may seek garnishment of the debtor’s wages or salary; provided, that the Tribal Court shall hear the petition for enforcement of a foreign court’s child support order in accordance with this chapter. [Res. 09-R-062 Title 2 § (7)(I), 4/30/2009.]