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Article VII. Child Support
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Children are the most vital resource to the continued existence and integrity of the Karuk Tribe. Therefore, the Tribe has a compelling interest in promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of all Karuk children. Karuk Child Support Guidelines are in the best interests of Indian families, especially Indian children who have a right and a need to receive parental support. The adoption of these Child Support Guidelines and Child Support Schedule (KTC 10.05.570) by the Tribal Council is a proper exercise of its Tribal sovereignty.

By adopting these Child Support Guidelines and Schedule the Tribe affirms and recognizes both parents’ obligation to provide support for their children as their respective income, resources and abilities allow. Furthermore, child support orders shall reflect the understanding that in order for children to prosper, their parents must also prosper. Therefore child support awards should not be so burdensome that the parents obligated to provide them are left with insufficient resources necessary for their own livelihood. [Res. 09-R-062 Title 2 § 7, 4/30/2009.]