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Article VI. Karuk Child Welfare Services
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The Karuk Tribe’s Child Welfare Services (“KCWS”) social workers shall have the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:

(A) Process all Indian Child Welfare Act (“ICWA”) notices sent to the Tribe, assist the Tribe in intervening in child custody proceedings, and assist the Court in petitioning for transfer of child custody proceedings to the Court where appropriate.

(B) Be present in Court when cases are heard concerning children subject to the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction and provide the Court with information and assistance as it may require.

(C) Receive, respond to and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect involving children subject to the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction.

(D) Subject to the Tribe’s confidentiality policies, receive referral information, conduct intake inquiries, and determine whether to initiate child welfare proceedings.

(E) Determine whether a child subject to the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction should be removed for reasonable cause to believe that child is in immediate danger of physical or sexual abuse or the physical environment poses an immediate threat to the child’s health or safety after considering whether there are any reasonable services which, if provided to the child’s parent, legal guardian, Indian custodian, or to the minor, would eliminate the need to remove the minor from the custody of his or her parent, legal guardian or Indian custodian.

(F) Make child abuse and neglect reports or referrals of cases to other agencies and share information with other agencies if their assistance appears to be needed or desirable.

(G) Make a placement and services report and recommendation to the Court in child welfare proceedings, including a plan of rehabilitation, treatment, and care.

(H) Locate and approve prospective foster parents and their homes as meeting approval requirements under this Code for foster care placement of children under the Court’s jurisdiction.

(I) In the approval of prospective foster care or adoptive placements, commence and secure criminal record and child abuse clearances of prospective adoptive or foster care providers and of adult household members.

(J) Supervise and assist children subject to the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction pursuant to child welfare dispositions, offer family counseling, and make an affirmative effort to obtain necessary or desired services for the child subject to the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction and the child’s family.

(K) Accept legal custody and the care and placement responsibility of children subject to the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction when ordered by the Tribal Court.

(L) Initiate petitions for the modification of parental rights or investigate and report to the Tribal Court on petitions to modify parental rights brought by others.

(M) If specifically authorized by the Tribal Council, retain counsel to assist in carrying out these duties and to represent the Tribe in special matters relating to this Code.

(N) Develop case plans and conduct case plan reviews pursuant to placement and service orders.

(O) Negotiate agreements for services, information sharing, referral, and funding for child welfare services pursuant to placement and service orders.

(P) Provide measures and procedures for preserving the confidential nature of child welfare services records within the Child Welfare Services office.

(Q) File and mail such reports as may be required by this Code.

(R) Perform all other duties and responsibilities regarding all child custody matters, in accordance with Tribal laws, customs and traditions, and pursuant to the instructions or order of the Court in matters related to this Code. [Res. 22-R-037, 2/24/2022; Res. 09-R-062 Title 1 § (6)(A), 4/30/2009.]