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(A) A “Court-appointed advocate” is a person who has been screened, selected, and trained in accordance with Tribal standards, who is being supervised and supported by a Tribal Court advocate program approved by the Tribe, and who has been appointed by the Court as a sworn officer of the Court to advocate for the best interests of the child in Tribal Court proceedings.

(B) Advocates must be duly qualified and appointed pursuant to the advocate program guidelines and policies adopted by the Karuk Tribe prior to working on any case and receiving confidential information.

(C) The Tribe Human Resources Department shall adhere to strict screening of advocates, which shall include personal interviews, reference checks, check of records of sex offences and other criminal records, information from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and other information as the Tribal Council deems appropriate.

(D) Each advocate is an officer of the Court, with the relevant rights and responsibilities that pertain to that role and shall act consistently with the rules of court pertaining to Tribal Court-appointed advocates.

(E) A Tribal Court judge, associate judge, or commissioner shall swear in each advocate before being allowed to begin his or her duties. [Res. 22-R-037, 2/24/2022; Res. 09-R-062 Title 1 § (10)(B), 4/30/2009.]