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The purpose of permanency hearings is to determine:

(A) The permanency plan for the child that includes whether, and if applicable when, the child will be (1) returned to the parent, (2) placed with a legal guardian, (3) placed with a fit and willing relative, (4) placed for adoption and the KCWS will file a petition to terminate parental rights, or (5) placed in another planned permanent living arrangement; provided, that KCWS has documented to the Court a compelling reason that it is not in the child’s best interest to be reunified, placed with a legal guardian or fit and willing relative, have parental rights be terminated, or be adopted;

(B) In the case of a child who will not be returned to the parent, the hearing shall consider in-state and out-of-state placement options;

(C) In the case of a child placed out of the state in which the home of the parent(s) of the child is located, the hearing shall determine whether the out-of-state placement continues to be appropriate and in the best interests of the child;

(D) In the case of a child who has attained age fourteen (14), the services needed to assist the child to make the transition from foster care to independent living;

(E) In any permanency hearing held with respect to the child, including any hearing regarding the transition of the child from foster care to independent living, procedural safeguards shall be applied to assure the Court consults, in an age-appropriate manner, with the child regarding the proposed permanency or transition plan for the child;

(F) Determine the safety of the child, the continuing need for and appropriateness of the placement;

(G) Determine the extent of compliance with the case plan;

(H) Determine the extent of progress made toward alleviating or mitigating the causes necessitating the placement; and

(I) Project a likely date by which the child may be returned and safely maintained at home or placed for adoption or legal guardianship. [Res. 22-R-037, 2/24/2022; Res. 09-R-062 Title 1 § (19)(B), 4/30/2009. Formerly 10.10.460.]