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The petition for termination or modification of parental rights shall include the following to the best information and belief of the petitioner:

(A) The name, place of residence and Tribal affiliation of the petitioner (if other than an authorized Tribal representative);

(B) The full name, gender, date and place of birth, residence and Tribal affiliation of the child;

(C) The basis for the Court’s jurisdiction;

(D) State the relationship of the petitioner to the child, or the fact that no relationship exists;

(E) The names, addresses, Tribal affiliation, and dates of birth of the child’s parents;

(F) If the child’s parent(s) is a minor, the names and addresses of the parents’ parents or guardian; and if such parent has no parent or guardian, the members of such parent’s extended family;

(G) The name and address of the person or agency having legal or temporary custody of the child;

(H) The grounds on which the modification is sought under the Children and Family Code (this title);

(I) A statement that the pre-filing requirements set forth in the Children and Family Code (this title) have been met; and

(J) A list of the assets of the child together with a statement of the value thereof.

When any of the facts required by this article are unknown, the petition shall so state. The petitioner shall sign and date the petition. [Res. 22-R-037, 2/24/2022; Res. 09-R-062 Title 1 § (21)(F), 4/30/2009. Formerly 10.10.620.]