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Upon the termination of parental rights, all rights, powers, privileges, immunities, duties, and obligations including any rights to custody, legal or physical control, visitation, or support existing between the child and parent shall be severed.

The Court is also empowered to modify parental rights without full legal severance of all parental rights, and the parties are encouraged to negotiate a modification agreement, subject to the Court’s approval, that is tailored to meet the best interest of the child and the Tribe.

Any child support arrears shall remain in place and payable up to the date of the modification or termination order unless otherwise ordered by the Court. Modification of the rights of one (1) parent shall not affect the rights of the other parent.

A modification order shall be considered a factor in determining whether the child remains eligible to inherit property or other interest from the parent whose rights were modified. A parent whose rights were modified shall not be eligible to inherit from such child after modification unless expressed by the child after reaching the age of adulthood in a written will instruction. [Res. 22-R-037, 2/24/2022; Res. 09-R-062 Title 1 § (21)(O), 4/30/2009. Formerly 10.10.710.]