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The petition for adoption shall include the following, to the best information and belief of the petitioner:

(A) The full name, address, and Tribal affiliation of the petitioner;

(B) The full name, the gender, residence, date and place of birth, and Tribal affiliation of the proposed adoptee;

(C) The name by which the proposed adoptee shall be known if the petition is granted;

(D) The basis for the Court’s jurisdiction;

(E) A full description and statement of value of all property owned, possessed or in which the adoptee child has an interest;

(F) The relationship of the petitioner to the proposed adoptee; and

(G) The names and addresses of any person or agency whose consent to the proposed adoption may be necessary. [Res. 22-R-037, 2/24/2022; Res. 09-R-062 Title 1 § (22)(E), 4/30/2009. Formerly 10.10.790.]