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(A) When the agency does not have a plan for paying foster families a salary, it shall determine that the foster family’s income is stable and sufficient for the maintenance of the family and reimbursement for the family and reimbursement for the foster family’s own expenses.

(B) Employment of Foster Parent(s) Outside the Home.

(1) In two (2) parent homes it is preferable, in most instances, that both foster parents shall not be employed outside the home so that one (1) parent is available for the parenting the child requires. The agency shall make decisions regarding such situations on the basis of what is the best interest of the child.

(2) When a single parent or both parents in a two (2) parent home are employed, it is preferable that the home be used for school age children, and only when there are suitable plans (approved by the Agency) for care and supervision of the child after school and during the summer while parent(s) are at work. [Res. 05-R-90 § 3, 7/20/2005.]