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Prospective foster parent(s) shall possess personal qualities of maturity, stability, flexibility, ability to cope with stress, capacity to give and receive love, and good moral character. Such characteristics are reflected in the following:

(A) Psychosocial history, including significant childhood relationships and experiences (parent-child, sibling, or other relationships).

(B) Role identification and acceptance.

(C) Reactions to experiences of separation and loss (through death, desertion, etc.)

(D) Education, employment, and patterns of interpersonal relationships.

(E) General social, intellectual, and cultural level of the family.

(F) Level of everyday functioning:

(1) Home and money management ability;

(2) Daily routine and habits;

(3) Reactions to stress.

(G) Affective responses (ability to give and receive love, deal with loss, separation and disappointment, etc.)

(H) Moral, ethical, and spiritual qualities of the family.

(I) Religious affiliation and habits.

(J) Hobbies, special interests, skills, and talents. [Res. 05-R-90 § 6, 7/20/2005.]