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As assessment of prospective foster parent(s)’ parenting ability regarding a specific child shall take into account the following:

(A) Motivation for application at this time.

(B) Characteristics and number of children best suited to foster family.

(C) Existing family relationships, attitudes, and expectations regarding own children and parent-child relationships, especially where such existing attitudes and relationships might affect the foster child.

(D) Attitudes of significant members of the extended family.

(E) Ability to accept and love child as he/she is.

(F) Capacity to absorb the child into family life functioning without undue disruption.

(G) Capacity of parent(s) to provide for foster child’s needs while giving proper consideration to own children.

(H) Own children’s attitudes towards accepting foster child.

(I) Realistic assessment of positive and negative aspects of foster parenthood.

(J) Personal characteristics necessary to provide continuity of care throughout child’s need for placement.

(K) Flexibility to meet changing needs over the course of placement.

(L) Ability to accept child’s relationship with own parent(s).

(M) Ability to relate to neglecting and abusing natural parent(s).

(N) Special ability to care for children with special needs (physical handicaps, emotional disturbances, etc.)

(O) Areas in which ongoing social work assistance may be needed.

(P) Ability to help a child return home or be placed for adoption and gain satisfaction for the experience. [Res. 05-R-90 § 7, 7/20/2005.]