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(A) The verified complaint in a mortgage foreclosure proceeding shall contain the following:

(1) The name of the borrower/mortgagor and each person or entity claiming through the borrower/mortgagor subsequent to the recording of the mortgage, including each subordinate lienholder (except the Tribe with respect to a claim for a Tribal leasehold), as a defendant;

(2) A description of the property subject to the mortgage;

(3) A concise statement of the facts concerning the execution of the mortgage or in the case of a leasehold mortgage the lease; the facts concerning the recording of the mortgage or the leasehold mortgage; the facts concerning the alleged default(s) of the borrower/mortgagor; and such other facts as may be necessary to constitute a cause of action;

(4) True and correct copies of each promissory note, if a leasehold mortgage then a copy of the lease, the mortgage, or assignment thereof relating to the property; and

(5) Any applicable allegations concerning relevant requirements and conditions prescribed in:

(a) Federal statutes and regulations;

(b) Tribal codes, ordinances and regulations; and/or

(c) Provisions of the lease or leasehold mortgage, or security instrument.

(B) The complaint shall be filed with the Tribal Court and, in accordance with KTC 11.10.050, a summons shall be issued specifying a date and time of appearance for the defendant(s). [Res. 15-R-147 § 4, 12/3/2015.]