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(A) Establishment. The Enrollment Department shall be part of the Tribe’s Administration Office. The Enrollment staff shall follow the Personnel Policies and Procedures of the Karuk Tribe.

(B) Responsibility. The Enrollment staff will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the enrollment of Tribal members. The staff shall perform, but will not be limited to performing, the following activities:

(1) Receiving applications for enrollment.

(2) Reviewing applications for content and completeness.

(3) Contacting applicants to request information.

(4) Coordinating and meeting with the Enrollment Committee on all enrollment actions (relinquishments, appeals, disenrollments, applications, adoptions, etc.)

(5) Processing enrollment actions, including:

(a) Maintaining accurate and current enrollment files.

(b) Recording all action taken on specific enrollment actions.

(c) Researching records to obtain adequate documentation enrollment actions.

(d) Protecting the privacy of members and applicants.

(e) Maintaining all research documents.

(f) Maintaining an automated enrollment database.

(g) Maintaining enrollment minutes, resolutions, Ordinance, Constitution, and any other legal document pertaining to enrollment.

(h) Creating an encoding system for pending application files.

(i) Other duties as assigned.

(C) Enrollment Certifications. Any request for enrollment certification or verification will be released only with a signed release of information or with authorization of the Enrollment Officer/Specialist. [Res. 16-R-118 Art. V, 7/14/2016.]