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(A) Council Responsibility. At a duly called meeting, the Tribal Council shall review all recommendations submitted by the Enrollment Committee in closed session. The Council will approve or disapprove all recommendations by resolution.

(B) Effective Date of Council Action. A person enrolled as a member by the Council, or by operation of this chapter, shall be entitled to exercise all membership rights, as set forth in Article IV of the Tribe’s Constitution, on the date of favorable enrollment action by the Council or by operation of this chapter. A person whose application was denied shall be permitted to appeal pursuant to KTC 2.05.150.

A person enrolled as a descendant shall be entitled to apply for eligible programs and services on the date an identification card has been issued to them.

(C) Final Action. After the appellate hearing, the decision of the Tribal Council shall be final. Written notice of the decision shall be mailed to the applicant by certified mail. Such notice shall be furnished within fifteen (15) working days of the appeal hearing. [Res. 16-R-118 Art. VI, 7/14/2016.]