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The Karuk degree or quantum of Indian blood of an applicant shall be determined by adding one-half (1/2) the degree of the Indian blood of each parent as shown on the roll. In the event of a conflict among the roll schedules and enrollment resolutions as to the individual’s degree of Indian blood, the most recent resolution regarding enrollment or Indian blood degree possessed shall control.

(A) Corrections. In all proceedings regarding blood degree corrections, the person seeking a blood degree correction shall be required to prove by clear and convincing evidence that a blood degree other than that listed on the roll, for the persons whose blood degree is at issue, is the correct blood degree, and also to establish what the precise blood degree to be listed on the roll should be.

(B) Procedure. Requests to make a blood degree correction shall be initiated by filing an application and proceedings shall clearly indicate the blood degree correction is the action requested. Affected members, as determined by the Committee, shall be sent copies of the application by certified mail and shall be given thirty (30) days to indicate in writing whether they intend to become participants in the proceedings regarding the proposed blood degree correction. Participants who timely respond to the notice shall be given an additional thirty (30) days to present to the Committee by written evidence or argument regarding the proposed change.

(C) Copies. An explanation of the subject’s blood degree, before and after a correction, shall be contained in the Council resolution on the matter. Copies of the resolution changing a blood degree shall be kept in a member’s file. [Res. 16-R-118 Art. VIII, 7/14/2016.]