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(A) Applications. All enrollments and blood degree corrections shall be requested by submission of a complete application, on forms approved by the Council. Forms may be obtained from the Enrollment Committee or Tribal Enrollment Office upon written or oral request. Each complete application shall contain a statement that the applicant has supplied all relevant data that he intends to submit to the Tribe on the issue of his enrollment, and a certification that the information contained on the application form and accompanying document is true to the best of the knowledge and belief of the applicant. Attached to the application shall be a certified birth certificate and other evidence as listed in KTC 2.05.090 which shall apply. Each application shall, at a minimum, contain the following information: name, address, family tree, Tribal affiliations, degree of Indian blood, birth place, birth date, sex, other names, phone number, enrollment in other tribes and sworn statement of truth and accuracy.

Applications will be reviewed by the Enrollment Committee. Birth certificates will be copied for the file and returned to the applicant.

(B) Sponsoring an Applicant. If the person to be enrolled or adopted is a minor, an incompetent person, a family member serving in the armed forces or employed by the federal government and stationed outside the United States, an applicant’s parent, legal guardian or spouse may sponsor such a person’s application.

(C) Filing of Application Forms. Application forms and supporting documents shall be filed with the Enrollment Department at the Tribal Administration Office in person or by mail. Enrollment staff shall stamp all application forms with date on which they were received. The Enrollment staff will complete the enrollment process form for the Enrollment Committee. The Enrollment staff shall prepare all applications for the next scheduled Committee meeting.

(D) Notice Requesting Additional Information. If insufficient evidence is available to permit the Enrollment Committee to make a determination, a written notice shall indicate the information needed by the Committee and the time frame within which the applicant must respond.

(E) Denial of Application. If the Committee votes to recommend denial to the Council, the Committee shall notify the applicant or participant, by certified mail of its action. The notice shall advise the applicant or participant of his right to request a hearing before the Committee, as provided in this chapter, within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice. An application that may be the subject of a Committee hearing shall not be sent to the Council with a recommendation until after the time for requesting hearing has expired, or the hearing has been held and the applicant or participants have been given thirty (30) days’ notice.

Applicants for descendancy enrollment pursuant to KTC 2.05.110(B) are ineligible to appeal an application denial under KTC 2.05.150.

(F) Content of Notice of Denial. If the Tribal Council denies an application for enrollment, a resolution shall state that the application was denied and state the membership requirement which the applicant failed to meet. A written notice shall indicate the time within which such an appeal must be filed and the procedure for filing such an appeal. [Res. 22-R-198 Att. A, 11/17/2022; Res. 16-R-118 Art. X, 7/14/2016.]