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(A) Membership. The membership of the Karuk Tribe shall consist of the following persons who are not enrolled as a member of any other tribe:

(1) Any person of one-eighth (1/8) degree or more of Karuk Indian blood whose name appears on the roll prepared pursuant to the Act of May 18, 1928, as amended by the Act of May 24, 1958, and the Act of September 21, 1968, for the distribution of judgment funds to Indians of California.

(2) Any person of one-eighth (1/8) degree or more Karuk Indian blood.

(3) In the event an eligible Tribal member dies prior to being enrolled, he or she may be considered for post-mortem enrollment on a case-by-case basis, provided the eligible Tribal member would have met all required criteria for membership while still alive.

A person’s land ownership or interests (assignments, inherited allotments, etc.) on or affiliated with another Indian reservation shall have no bearing on that person’s eligibility for enrollment with the Karuk Tribe.

(B) Descendants. Individuals who possess less than one-eighth (1/8) degree of Karuk Indian blood are eligible to be registered as an enrolled descendant. Individuals shall follow the same procedures in KTC 2.05.100 to become an enrolled descendant.

Enrolled descendants are eligible for limited Tribal services based on specific program guidelines including contract health services and Indian child welfare if permitted by applicable law.

(C) Honorary Membership. Notwithstanding any requirement in this chapter, the Tribal Council may accept any person as an honorary member of the Karuk Tribe by majority vote with a quorum present. No honorary member shall have any right to vote, share in Tribal assets, or participate in the government or other rights and institutions of the Karuk Tribe. [Res. 16-R-118 Art. XI, 7/14/2016.]