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(A) Records. All records, documents, and information submitted by any person pursuant to this chapter shall be maintained and stored in confidential files by the Enrollment Specialist/Officer. Confidential material shall be available only to members of the Enrollment Committee at regularly called meetings of the Enrollment Committee or to the Tribal Council relative to an appeal taken pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, or for other lawful Tribal purposes as determined from time to time by the Council.

(B) Unauthorized Release of Confidential Records. As set forth in the Personnel Policy on Confidentiality, it shall be a Tribal offense for any person employed by the Karuk Tribe or any Committee members who have possession of, or access to, membership enrollment records which contain individual identifiable information, to disclose any such information without authorization from the Enrollment Officer, Tribal Council or consent of either the person or persons concerned. Any person found guilty of releasing or disclosing such information without such consent shall be subject to immediate dismissal. [Res. 16-R-118 Art. XX, 7/14/2016.]