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(A) Maintenance of Tribal Membership Roll. The Karuk Tribe’s membership roll shall list the names of all enrolled members in alphabetical order. For each member, the roll shall contain the individual’s Tribal number, full name, sex, date of birth, eligibility code, Karuk blood degree, total Indian blood degree, address, date of enrollment, resolution number and remarks. The remarks may contain the date of relinquishment/disenrollment notification notice or last contact date. Any notations made shall indicate by whom such notations were made, date of notation and the authority for making such notations.

(B) Responsibility. The Enrollment Specialist/Officer shall keep the Tribal membership roll current. The Committee shall annually review the roll for such purposes; the names of the persons who have relinquished their membership or who have been disenrolled shall be noted in the roll. The names of all persons whose applications have been approved shall be promptly added to the roll. The Enrollment Department shall prepare an annual report to the Tribal Council consisting of but not limited to names of new members and deceased members, number of enrolled members, number of disenrolled members, number of enrolled descendants and number of deceased members. This report will be presented at the first Council meeting in January yearly. The roll shall be closed for fifteen (15) days before the annual election in November of each year and shall remain closed for a period of thirty (30) days. Applications for enrollment may be accepted during this period, but shall not be formally acted upon until the roll has reopened. [Res. 16-R-118 Art. XXI, 7/14/2016.]