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(A) The Tribal Council shall appropriate and authorize the expenditure of Tribal funds for the operation of the Tribal Court. The amounts to be appropriated shall be consistent with the needs of the Tribal Court for proper administration of justice within Tribal lands and for the Tribe as determined by the Tribal Council.

(B) To assist the Tribal Council in making such appropriations, the Tribal Court Administrator shall submit proposed budgets and reports of expenses and expenditures to the Tribal Council, at such intervals and in such form as may be prescribed by the Tribal Council. Such budgets and reports shall include the operation of the office of the Clerk of Court and the Peacemaker Mediation Forum.

(C) The Tribal Council may prescribe a system of accounting for funds received from any source by the Courts of the Tribe and the Clerk of Court. [Res. 10-R-111 § 10.1, 9/30/2010.]