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(A) Court of Appeals. A Court of Appeals is hereby established.

(B) Composition and Jurisdiction.

(1) The Court of Appeals shall follow the appellate procedures and rules of the Northern California Tribal Court Coalition and shall consist of at least one (1) judge, who did not adjudicate the matter at the trial court level.

(2) The Court of Appeals shall have jurisdiction to review final orders, commitments, and judgments of the Tribal Court. On appeal, the record and decision of the Tribal Court shall be reviewed for error. The Court of Appeals may affirm, modify, or reverse any judgment, decree, or order of the Tribal Court; may remand the case and order a new trial; may direct the entry of an appropriate judgment, decree or order; or require such other action of further proceedings as may be just in the circumstance.

(C) Finality. A decision of the Court of Appeals shall be final. The provision for disqualification of judges set forth in this chapter, or Rules of Court (Chapter 3.10 KTC), shall apply to any appellate judges. [Res. 10-R-111 § 10.6, 9/30/2010.]