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(A) Establishment and Purpose.

(1) In addition to the Tribal Court and Court of Appeals, a Peacemaker Mediation Forum is established to hear disputes between parties before trying the case in Tribal Court. The peacemaker mediation process is a forum for peacefully resolving disputes. When a petition is filed with the Clerk of the Court, the Peacemaker Mediation Forum shall be used prior to proceeding to a formal Court hearing.

(2) The purpose of the Peacemaker Mediation Forum is to provide a nonadversarial method of resolving disputes between Tribal members and all other persons within the Tribe’s jurisdiction. The Tribal Court shall create Peacemaker Mediation Forum Guidelines. The Guidelines shall outline the process and procedures of the forum and shall reflect the Tribe’s historical traditions and modern methods of dispute resolution to resolve conflicts.

(3) Parties utilizing the Peacemaker Mediation Forum will not be prohibited from continuing their case in Court should the dispute resolution (mediation) prove unsuccessful. [Res. 10-R-111 § 10.9, 9/30/2010.]