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The Karuk Tribal Court is committed to the establishment of a Karuk judicial system that is uniquely Karuk and provides a culturally appropriate forum for resolution of conflicts arising within or affecting the Tribe. These Rules govern actions in the Karuk Tribal Court. They are intended to provide for a fair determination in all Court proceedings, to secure simplicity in Court procedure, to promote fairness in administration, and to eliminate unnecessary expense or delay.

In establishing these Rules, the Karuk Tribal Court is aware that often people will come before the Court without formal representation or with representatives/spokespersons who may not be law trained. These Rules are not meant to create an environment that favors law-trained represented persons, and will not be enforced in such a manner as to create such an outcome. Rather, the Rules are meant to guide the parties to a fair and just resolution by providing a framework for resolution of issues. Both the form and substance of the laws of this Tribe are meant to provide justice within a culturally responsive system. To that end, form will not be favored over substance.

The Karuk Tribal Court will be conducted as a Court that reflects certain principles that are not traditional Karuk principles but have been adopted or accepted by the Karuk Tribal government. The Karuk Tribal Court also relies on Karuk cultural principles that are traditional whenever such adherence reflects the best practices for a prompt and fair resolution of the issues before the Court. The Court will always seek results that promote the peace and welfare of the Tribe, and insure the good stewardship of Karuk country to permit the whole land to stay in harmony and balance. [General Order 19-001, 6/21/2019.]