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(A) Petition. The petition, being the first paper in an action, must be served on the other party or parties to the action by personal service no later than twenty-eight (28) calendar days after it is filed with the Clerk of Court. This means that the papers must be delivered personally to the person being served by an individual who is over the age of eighteen (18) and not a party to the case, who then files a sworn statement as to the specific time and place of the service, the name of the person served, and the title of all papers served, with the Court. This document is called a “proof of service.” The Tribal Court may maintain a list of local process servers. The petitioner is responsible for insuring that the petition is served on all relevant parties to the case.

(B) Subsequent Papers. After the first paper is served on all parties, other papers may be served within the time frame specified by these Rules by first class mail, together with a proof of service.

(C) Substituted Service. Where personal service cannot be made, the party bringing the action may apply in writing for an order of the Court for substituted service by some other means, such as by leaving the documents with another adult in the household or by publication in a newspaper. The application should state the good faith attempt of the party to make personal service. If the Court orders substituted service, it shall specifically state the process and timelines for such substituted service consistent with due process. [General Order 19-001, 6/21/2019.]