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(A) Responses. Persons served with a petition are called “defendant(s)” or “respondent(s).” Respondent(s) must file a written response within thirty (30) calendar days of being served with the petition. The response must state in short and plain terms the respondent’s defenses to each claim asserted in the petition, and admit or deny all factual allegations contained in the petition. If a response is not filed within thirty (30) calendar days, the Court shall issue an order to show cause why the respondent should not be subject to default.

(B) A party may without permission of the Court amend its pleadings once at any time before being served with a response. Otherwise, a party may amend his/her pleadings only by permission of the Court or by written consent of the adverse party.

(C) Use of Forms. The Court may from time to time approve forms to be used, so that users of the Court do not have to create their own pleadings. As forms are approved, they shall be available upon request at the Tribal Court. [Res. 22-R-198 Att. A, 11/17/2022; General Order 19-001, 6/21/2019.]