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(A) All papers filed with the Court are to be typed, printed, or neatly and legibly handwritten, on eight and one-half (8-1/2) inch by eleven (11) inch paper. Where handwritten, permanent ink, black or blue, and not pencil, must be used. The Court or Court Clerk in its discretion may reject any papers that do not comply with these requirements.

(B) Except with permission of the Court, no legal brief shall exceed twenty (20) pages in length, exclusive of pages containing a table of authorities or a table of contents or exhibits, and no reply brief shall exceed fifteen (15) pages. Any brief exceeding twelve (12) pages shall contain: (1) a table of contents with page references and (2) a table of cases (arranged alphabetically), statutes and other authorities cited, with references to the pages of the brief where they are cited. Cases cited shall be attached in full to the citing brief.

(C) All papers presented for filing must be in triplicate (original is filed with the Court plus two (2) copies, which are file stamped and returned to the petitioner). [General Order 19-001, 6/21/2019.]