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(A) Respect. The Tribal Court and all persons appearing in the Tribal Court shall treat each other respectfully. Respect is appropriate because the Court is an expression of the sovereignty of the Karuk Tribe. Respect is also necessary, so that the business of the Court can be conducted in an orderly fashion. Parties should address the Court, rather than talking to each other.

(B) Dress and Other Conduct. All persons appearing before the Karuk Tribal Court shall dress appropriately. Suits and ties are not required, but very informal clothing is inappropriate. Hats should be removed on entering the courtroom. Parties shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with doing the business of the Court. Chewing gum, profanity, arguing with the Court after a ruling, insults or threats, are all examples of inappropriate behavior.

(C) Sanctions. Any person violating these standards of respect shall be found in contempt of court and may be punished by the immediate imposition of a fine up to one hundred dollars ($100) if the conduct continues after a warning. If there are further violations, such person may be excluded from the courtroom, in addition to other possible sanctions as set forth herein. [General Order 19-001, 6/21/2019.]