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(A) Any party to a Tribal Court proceeding may appeal a final Court order by filing a written notice of appeal with the Court Clerk no later than twenty (20) calendar days after notice of the final order has been given.

(B) Upon receipt of a notice of appeal to the Tribal Court, an appellate judge from the Northern California Tribal Court Coalition (“NCTCC”) Appellate Panel will be appointed to hear the appeal within a reasonable time pursuant to the NCTCC appellate guidelines.

(C) For purposes of appeal, a record of proceedings shall be made available to the parties and others upon court order. The appealing party shall pay costs of obtaining this record.

(D) Upon good cause and request by a party or the Court’s own motion, a court order may be stayed by such appeal.

(E) Conduct of Proceedings. All appeals shall be conducted in accordance with the Tribe’s Rules of Court as long as those provisions are not in conflict with other provisions of Tribal law. [General Order 19-001, 6/21/2019.]