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When the estate is ready to be closed, the personal representative shall make, verify and file with the Court his final report and petition for distribution. Such final report and petition shall, among other things, show that the estate is ready to be settled and shall show any moneys collected since the previous report, and any property which may have come into the hands of the personal representative since his previous report, and debts paid, and generally the condition of the estate at that time. It shall likewise set out the names and addresses, as nearly as may be, of all the legatees and devisees in the event there shall have been a will, and the names and addresses, as nearly as may be, of all the heirs who may be entitled to share in such estate, and shall give a particular description of all the property of the estate remaining undisposed of, and shall set out such other matters as may tend to inform the Court of the condition of the estate, and it may ask the Court for a settlement of the estate and distribution of property and the discharge of the personal representative. If the personal representative has been discharged without having legally closed the estate, without having legally obtained an adjudication as to the heirs, or without having legally procured a decree of distribution or final settlement, the Court may in its discretion upon petition of any person interested, cause all such steps to be taken in such estate as were omitted or defective. [Res. 06-R-53 § 8.0(M), 5/3/2006.]