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After payment of costs of administration the debts of the estate shall be paid in the following order:

(A) Funeral expenses in such amount as the Court shall order, including a reasonable amount for the cost of a monument.

(B) Expenses of the last sickness, in such amount as the Court shall order.

(C) Wages due for labor performed within sixty (60) days immediately preceding the death of decedent.

(D) Debts having preference by the laws of the United States.

(E) Taxes, or any debts or fees owing to the Karuk Tribe Nation.

(F) Judgments rendered against the deceased in his lifetime which are liens upon real estate on which executions might have been issued at the time of his death, and debts secured by mortgages in the order of their priority.

(G) All other demands against the estate. [Res. 06-R-53 § (J)(35.08.100), 5/3/2006.]