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Article VI. Effects of Homicide
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(A) A surviving spouse, heir, or devisee that criminally and intentionally kills the decedent is not entitled to any benefits passing under this chapter and the estate of the decedent as if the killer predeceased the decedent. Property appointed by the will of the decedent to or for the benefit of the killer passes as if the killer had predeceased the decedent.

(B) Any joint tenant who criminally and intentionally kills another joint tenant thereby effects a severance of the interest of the decedent so that the share of the decedent passes as their property and the killer has no right of survivorship. This provision applies to joint tenancies in real and personal property, joint accounts in banks or other institutions and any other form of co-ownership with survivorship rights.

(C) The provisions of this article shall not affect the rights of any person who, before the interests of the slayer have been adjudicated, purchases or has agreed to purchase, from the slayer for value and without notice property which the slayer would have acquired except for the terms of this article, but all proceeds received by the slayer from such sale shall be held by him in trust for the persons entitled to the property under the provisions of this article, and the slayer shall also be liable both for any portion of such proceeds which he may have dissipated and for any difference between the actual value of the property and the amount of such proceeds.

(D) No Additional Liability. Any insurance company making payment according to the terms of its policy or any bank or other person performing an obligation for the slayer shall not be subjected to additional liability by the terms of this article if such payment or performance is made without written notice, at its office or distributes assets as necessary to give effect to the intent of the testator. [Res. 22-R-198 Att. A, 11/17/2022; Res. 06-R-53 § (C)(35.11.030), 5/3/2006. Formerly 3.15.690.]