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Article VII. Abatement
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(A) Except as provided in subsection (B) of this section, property of a decedent abates, without preference as between real and personal property, in the following order:

(1) Intestate property.

(2) Residuary gifts.

(3) General gifts.

(4) Specific gifts.

(B) If the will expresses an order of abatement, or if the testamentary plan or the express or implied purpose of the devise would be defeated by the order of abatement stated in subsection (A) of this section, a gift abates as may be found necessary to give effect to the intention of the testator. The personal representative may petition the Court for an order requiring adjustments in, or contributions from, interests in the estate such as company, bank, etc. [Res. 22-R-198 Att. A, 11/17/2022; Res. 06-R-53 § (A)(35.12.010), 5/3/2006. Formerly 3.15.680.]