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(A) The members of the Election Committee shall be (1) members of the Tribe, (2) over eighteen (18) years of age; and (3) subject to a criminal background check in accordance with the same standards as the Karuk Tribal Council background check.

(B) In the event that any person appointed to the Election Committee is nominated as a candidate for an office to be filled during his or her term of office on the Election Committee, he or she shall withdraw from the Election Committee and the Tribal Council shall temporarily appoint another to serve in his or her place.

(C) Election Committee members shall withdraw from any and all functions of their positions during any election in which a conflict of interest exists. Such members shall resume their duties only when there is no longer a conflict of interest. Nepotism shall be considered a conflict of interest and shall include election matters involving a spouse or co-habitant, parents, foster parents, siblings, children, foster children, grandparents, grandchildren, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, step-parents, and step-children. [Ord. 5 § 5, 8/23/2018.]