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In addition to performing any other duties delegated to the Election Committee by this chapter, the Election Committee shall:

(A) Determine the date upon which the receipt of nominating petitions will cease, which shall be at least sixty (60) days prior to the election, as provided in Article VII, Section 3, of the Constitution of the Karuk Tribe, as amended.

(B) Direct preparation of the forms for use as nominating petitions, ballots, election notices and other forms as may be required, and make them available to Tribal members.

(C) Receive and review all nominating petitions from Karuk Tribal members.

(D) Prepare packets for all candidates that include:

(1) Petition and necessary forms;

(2) Instructions, including date time lines; and

(3) Eligibility requirements for candidates.

(E) Determine and make rulings on the residence, district and eligibility of all potential candidates, pursuant to this chapter and the Constitution of the Karuk Tribe.

(F) Notify in writing all unqualified candidates and state the reason for their ineligibility.

(G) Contact all eligible candidates and document their willingness or unwillingness to be a candidate for office.

(H) Upon the determination of which candidates are properly nominated and are willing to serve, the Election Committee shall direct the preparation of official ballots and provide a list of candidates to the Registrar of Voters in sufficient time to allow the registrar to cause the list to be posted at least ten (10) days before the election.

(I) The Election Committee shall make determinations about the eligibility of voters and is responsible for registering such voters upon a valid request to be registered, pursuant to KTC 4.05.100.

(J) The Election Committee shall mail absentee ballots as required by this chapter.

(K) The Election Committee members shall keep confidential and private information (such as financial or criminal records) that is received in the course of their duties in strict confidence, and they shall not divulge such confidential information to any person not directly involved in the election process.

(L) The Tribal Council shall allocate an amount in each fiscal year’s budget under a separate line item, to cover necessary election costs. The funds budgeted shall be utilized in accordance with all Tribal financial plans of operation for conducting Tribal elections in accordance with this chapter. Election Committee members shall be given a stipend, or otherwise be reimbursed for their time pursuant to Tribal policies and procedures regarding Tribal committees, for their time spent on elections, Election Committee meetings, trainings, or other necessary Election Committee duties. [Ord. 5 § 8, 8/23/2018.]