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(A) No person may vote in any election of the Karuk Tribe unless that person is an eligible enrolled Karuk Tribe member and is registered to vote.

(B) To be eligible to vote, Tribal members must be eighteen (18) or older on the day of the election, and be listed in the Election Roster with a valid signature or have a valid signature verification form.

(C) The Secretary/Treasurer of the Tribal Council shall serve as the Registrar of Voters for the Karuk Tribe. In the event that the Secretary/Treasurer is unable to perform these duties, the Tribal Council shall designate another Tribal Council member an alternate. The Enrollment Officer, or representative designated by said officer, shall provide the Secretary/Treasurer with data necessary to perform the Secretary/Treasurer’s responsibilities under this subsection.

(D) Fourteen (14) days before the next scheduled election, the Enrollment Department shall provide a certified copy of the Election Roster to the Election Committee. For the purposes of this subsection, certification shall consist of a statement by the Registrar that the list is a true and correct list of all persons who are enrolled and who meet the qualifications for voters established by the Constitution of the Karuk Tribe and this chapter.

(E) It shall be the duty of all voters to provide a current mailing address to the Election Committee. All correspondence regarding Tribal elections will be mailed to the last address supplied by the voter. [Ord. 5 § 10, 8/23/2018.]