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(A) Spoiled Ballot. Should any voter spoil his ballot in his effort to vote, he or she shall fold and return it in the presence of the election officials and such voter shall then in the presence of said officials, destroy said ballot and the election officials shall then provide the voter with another ballot in the same manner that the first one was provided. The election official shall write on the proper blank line on the stub of the spoiled ballot the word “spoiled.” He or she shall not write the name of the voter upon the stub of the duplicate ballot, but shall write instead the words,

“Duplicate of Ballot # _____ ,” giving the number of the original or spoiled ballots.

(B) Unreported Spoiled Ballots. Should any voter make any material marks or writings upon his or her ballot that are not responsive to the ballot questions, the ballot shall be considered spoiled and will not be counted.

(C) Write-In Votes. Write-in votes are not allowed and will not be counted.

(D) In the event of uncontested elections, that is that there is only one (1) eligible candidate, no election needs to be held and that person may take office provided he or she meets the Tribe’s candidate eligibility criteria. [Ord. 5 § 15, 8/23/2018.]