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(A) Absentee ballots shall be mailed by the Election Committee to enrolled, registered voters when so requested in writing by that voter. The requirements for absentee voters shall be the same requirements of all enrolled, registered voters.

(B) Requests must be received by the Election Committee no less than fourteen (14) days before the election date. Special circumstances can be made by majority vote of the Election Committee; however, there is no guarantee that absentee ballots mailed out less than fourteen (14) days prior to the election, or mailed back less than seven (7) days prior to the election will be received in time to be processed.

(C) The signatures of all registered voters requesting absentee ballots must be verified by one (1) of the four (4) following methods:

(1) A notary public;

(2) Comparing the signature to the voter registration form on file with the Election Committee;

(3) Written verification from two (2) eligible voters of the Karuk Tribe; or

(4) Providing a copy of a state, federal, or Tribal signature I.D. card.

(D) All requests for absentee ballots shall be kept on file in the Tribal Office by the Election Committee.

(E) Absentee ballots, pre-addressed to the Election Committee at the Tribal Headquarters, shall be mailed to eligible voters not less than fourteen (14) days before the election date.

(F) Completed and signed absentee ballots must be either hand delivered to a polling location or received via mail by the Election Committee at P.O. Box 815, Happy Camp, California 96039 in the envelope provided with the absentee ballot package prior to the closing of the voting hours on the Election Day.

(G) It shall be the duty of the absentee voter to provide a current mailing address and district affiliation to the Election Committee. All correspondence regarding Tribal elections will be mailed to the last address supplied by the voter.

(H) Registered permanent absentee voters shall receive absentee ballots for all primary, general, and special elections, unless their absentee ballot is not returned for a general election within the guidelines of the election. [Ord. 5 § 16, 8/23/2018.]