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(A) On the date of the election, at least one (1) member of the Election Committee shall be present at each polling place at all times during voting hours. The Election Committee may appoint a Sergeant at Arms to assist them at the polling locations.

The Election Committee representative at each poll shall:

(1) Verify the Karuk voter eligibility of each person requesting a ballot, and ensure that no person who is not enrolled or registered to vote receives a ballot.

(2) Witness the signature entries, by voters, in the voting registry, to ensure against any person voting more than once.

(3) Make certain that the ballot boxes are empty, then locked, prior to the opening of the polls, and that the boxes remain locked until opened for counting by the Chairperson of the Election Committee.

(4) Close the poll at the proper time and ensure that no voting occurs after that time.

(5) Upon the closing of the voting hours the Election Committee members at each polling place shall transport the ballot box, unopened, to Tribal headquarters. The Election Committee shall develop a process each Election Day to ensure that ballot boxes and unused ballots are not transported together by only one (1) Election Committee member, to avoid the appearance of improper conduct.

(B) Once all participating members of the Election Committee have arrived at Tribal headquarters with all of the ballot boxes, the Chairperson of the Election Committee shall start the ballot review process, as follows:

(1) No person, other than Election Committee members, the Registrar of Voters, poll watchers as defined herein, and any law enforcement personnel requested to be present by the Election Committee, may be present during the counting of the ballots.

(2) The Election Committee will review the voter registration list of each polling area and a list of the absentee voters, as a reference to see if there were any individuals who had voted more than one (1) time.

(3) The Chairperson shall open each polling area box and absentee ballot box in turn and the Committee shall examine, tally (at least twice) and record all ballots cast.

(4) The Election Committee shall issue and post an uncertified statement to announce the election results within three (3) days following completion of the election vote counting. However, such results shall be posted no later than 5:00 p.m., three (3) days immediately following the election. [Ord. 5 § 20, 8/23/2018.]