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(A) Any candidate, within five (5) business days of an election, may file a notarized complaint, under penalty of perjury, with the Election Committee alleging any election irregularity and demanding relief. The candidate must deliver a fee of one hundred dollars ($100) paid to the Karuk Tribe. This fee will be refunded if the complaint is determined to be valid by the Election Committee. This procedure shall be the only method of presenting an election dispute to the Election Committee.

(B) The Election Committee shall decide all disputes concerning the election process within five (5) business days of receipt of a written complaint, and their decision shall be final; provided, however, that any candidate dissatisfied with a decision of the Election Committee may, within five (5) business days of that decision, petition the Tribal Council for review of the Election Committee’s decision. The Tribal Council may, by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Council, reverse the decision of the Election Committee; provided, that the Election Committee has had the opportunity to solicit legal counsel. The decision of the Tribal Council shall be final.

(C) In deciding any dispute the Election Committee shall gather such facts as are available and necessary for a fair resolution of the dispute. Any decision of the Election Committee shall be by a majority vote thereof. [Ord. 5 § 23, 8/23/2018.]