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(A) Newly elected Tribal Council members who are deemed eligible shall be sworn in at the next regularly scheduled Tribal Council meeting following certification of the election results, as long as it is within thirty (30) days of the election date as stated in Article VII, Section 5, of the Constitution of the Karuk Tribe.

(B) The Registrar of Voters shall notify the current Tribal Chairperson, who will be responsible for setting the date for swearing-in ceremonies.

(C) Each successful candidate elected to the Tribal Council shall take an oath of office prior to assuming the duties of such position, by which oath he or she shall pledge him or herself to support and defend the Tribe’s Constitution. The following form of oath of office shall be administered:

I, [Name], do solemnly swear or affirm that I am duly qualified to exercise the duties of [Council Position] for the Karuk Tribe to which I have been selected and that I will carry out faithfully and impartially the duties of my office to the best of my ability, that I will promote and protect the best interest of my Tribe in accordance with its Constitution.

[Ord. 5 § 25, 8/23/2018.]