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This law is intended to affirm the Tribe’s sovereign right to promote the general welfare and provide qualifying assistance on a nontaxable basis. The purpose of this chapter is to, through approved programs, provide assistance to Karuk enrolled Tribal members and enrolled descendants that promotes the general welfare of the Tribe. This chapter provides a framework for approved programs to follow to ensure compliance with general welfare exclusion and Internal Revenue Code Section 139E (26 U.S.C. Section 139E). Further, it is the intent of the Tribal Council that all assistance provided under this chapter:

(A) Is available to any recipients who satisfy the program policies, subject to budgetary restraints;

(B) Is made under a program that does not discriminate in favor of members of the Tribal Council;

(C) Is not provided as compensation for goods and/or services; and

(D) Is not lavish or extravagant under the facts and circumstances, as determined by the Tribal Council. [Res. 20-R-080 Art. I § 3, 6/18/2020.]