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(A) The Tribe shall issue a separate license to each place, facility, or location on Indian lands where Class II or Class III gaming is conducted under this article if the place, facility, or location:

(1) Is a sound physical structure with adequate and safe plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling and ventilation systems in place and operational;

(2) Has been inspected and approved for safety by a building and fire inspector designated by the Commission;

(3) Is adequate in all respects to accommodate the gaming intended to be carried out within the structure;

(4) Is equipped with security and surveillance equipment meeting or exceeding provisions set forth in the Tribal-State Compact and this article;

(5) Meets all requirements of applicable federal, Tribal and state law; and

(6) Has paid all applicable license fees and costs. [Res. 03-R-36 § 13, 5/4/2003.]