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Pursuant to Section 12.3(b) of the Compact, the Tribe shall adopt and comply with federal water quality and safe drinking water standards applicable in the state of California.

(A) The Tribe will allow, during normal hours of operation, inspection and testing of water quality at the gaming facility by state or City inspectors. This inspection shall be limited to assessing compliance with applicable federal standards, unless, pursuant to federal law, such inspections and testing are routinely made by an agency of the United States to ensure compliance with federal water quality and safe drinking water standards.

(B) Any report or other writings by the state, city, or federal health inspectors shall be transmitted within twenty-four (24) hours to the State Gaming Agency and the Tribal Gaming Commission.

(C) Nothing herein shall be construed as a submission of the Tribe to the jurisdiction of the state, county, or city inspectors, but any violations of water quality and safe drinking water standards shall be treated as violations of the Compact and may, pursuant to Section 13 of the Compact, serve as a basis to issue orders requiring corrective action, including an order to enjoin the use or disposal of water at the gaming facility, where warranted to protect public health or safety. [Res. 17-R-154 § 6, 12/28/2017.]